Das Kapital was and remains the most insightful text analyzing the nature of modern capitalism as it first emerged in the steam powered "satanic" textile mills of Manchester to eventually become the dominant form of political economy throughout the world. His analyses of class conflict, exploitation- the appropriation of surplus value as the foundation of capitalist wealth, alienation, use value, exchange contradiction etc. remains as insightful today as when his observations and analyses were first made 150 years ago. That said capitalism has seen enormous changes from its early steam factory-based mode of production to the contemporary globalized moment dominated by the rise of robotic production and digitally-based financialization. Nevertheless, many of the problems that Marx noted, alienation and exploitation etc. vast inequality, the alienation and degradation of the masses rendered bereft of creative agency, devoid of recognition, without community, community, estranged from species being and left with a truncated, distorted subjectivity.