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Jonathan Simon: "CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century" 2016 edition
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It’s clear that our election system has been thoroughly compromised by both major parties, rendering it but a faint and partial reflection of the will of the people. The “innovation” of computerized voting machines in the early 2000’s has proven a poison gift, easily hacked, resulting in the blocking of popular access to power, as well as the domination of the GOP, the party that represents a clear minority of US citizens. This has exacerbated inequality and increased the wealth and power of the wealthy, in corporate, banking, military and security/surveillance sectors of the economy and government. All other sectors of society have suffered to a greater or lesser extent, and the historic mission of American democracy has been stalled or reversed.
Surprisingly, neither the mostly losing party (the Democrats), nor the mainstream press nor most of the progressive print media has investigated or even taken note of the corruption of our elections, although public awareness has been increasing via Internet news sources such as truthout.com, mintpress.com, tomdispatch.com and documentaries, such as Greg Palast’s The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.
This panel will assess how far we’ve come in raising awareness of election corruption, and review the obstacles and possible ways of overcoming them.