Reading List: 
A Road Unforseen: Women Fight the Islamic State (Bellvue Literary Press) by Meredith Tax; Power to the People: A Syrian Experiment in Democracy by Carne Ross (Financial Times) here: https://www.ft.com/content/50102294-77fd-11e5-a95a-27d368e1ddf7
The multi-cultural, non-sectarian Kurdish-led region of northern Syria known as Rojava has enthralled the world with photos of its female fighters routing Islamic State militants. But much less media attention has been given to what the Kurdish movement is fighting for: a multi-ethnic, ecological and bottom-up democracy that endows local assemblies with decision-making authority and empowers women to take leadership roles at every level of government and society. What does this political paradigm tell us about the importance of a feminist politics in the Middle East and about building a feminist left here? How can we support this pluralistic and revolutionary model, which offers such an important alternative to theocracy and dictatorship in the Middle East? What can it teach us about the potential for a municipalist-style government in the West?