Our organizing is going at a breakneck pace in the era of Trump, but it won’t succeed if our work is bogged down by sexism – which has plagued community organizing spaces since time immemorial. Sexism appears in our movements in conjunction with racism and other forms of oppression, in ways that are blatant, subtle, or unconscious. This oppression often becomes part of broader organizing culture and organizing methods. Panelists will discuss how the problem shows up and how it holds back the leadership of women, particularly women of color, and generally compromises short and long-term gains in our movements. We will also highlight the history of women’s grassroots leadership and contributions to major social movements. Panelists will end with a discussion on strategies that organizers, rank and file members, and organizations can use to lift up the leadership of women, particularly women of color, in their movements, and how all campaigns can take on an intersectional gender analysis.