The Women's Organizing Network, Restaurant Opportunities Center NY, Faith in NY
FRIDAY June 2nd Session A: 5:00pm - 6:45pm
Our organizing is going at a breakneck pace in the era of Trump, but it won’t succeed if our work is bogged down by sexism – which has plagued community organizing spaces since time immemorial. Sexism appears in our movements in conjunction with racism and other forms of oppression, in ways that are blatant, subtle, or unconscious. This oppression often becomes part of broader organizing culture and organizing methods. Panelists will discuss how the problem shows up and how it holds back the leadership of women, particularly women of color, and generally compromises short and long-term gains in our movements. We will also highlight the history of women’s grassroots leadership and contributions to major social movements. Panelists will end with a discussion on strategies that organizers, rank and file members, and organizations can use to lift up the leadership of women, particularly women of color, in their movements, and how all campaigns can take on an intersectional gender analysis.
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The Women's Organizing Network
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Sarah Knispel has spent the last several years organizing with homeowners, tenants and the labor movement in Minnesota, Seattle and Brooklyn. Highlights include helping to win the $15 minimum wage in Seattle - the first ever municipal minimum wage.
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Restaurant Opportunities Center of NY
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Catherine Barnett is the Director of Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York (ROC-NY), an affiliate of ROC United, a national worker center advocating for fair working conditions and wages for restaurant workers. Catherine most recently served as Executive Director of Project Enterprise, a nonprofit community development organization that provides microloans, business education, peer support and technical assistance to low-income New Yorkers who lack access to business financing. A small business expert who has spent more than a decade assisting micro enterprises in New York City, Catherine worked with a range of businesses from start-up to established; informal home-based to incorporated brick and mortar establishments. Catherine is fluent in Spanish and French and holds an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. She currently serves on the board of the New Economy Project, a resource and advocacy center promoting financial justice in New York City, and the advisory board of the Professional Agricultural Workers Conference at Tuskegee University. Catherine is a volunteer with the Staten Island Neighborhood Food Initiative, in the borough where she lives with her two daughters.
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Faith in NY
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Maya has a diverse background in electoral, issue, community, and faith organizing both in the US and abroad. Maya fell into organizing as a volunteer in her hometown of Detroit and as a debate coach at urban schools in Chicago agitating for more resources for communities of color and fighting the school-to-prison pipeline. She went on to organize in South Florida on the 2012 Obama campaign and later ran a 30-person communities of color team in Minnesota for Senator Al Franken's 2014 re-election campaign. In between US election cycles, she helped launch a national organizing firm in her homeland of India from 2013-2014 to restructure the way politicians and police respond to violence against women and to build power in local communities to fight oppressive gender and societal norms, which culminated in a massive get-out-the-vote campaign for women-friendly politicians in India's 2014 General Elections.
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The Women's Organizing Network
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As the Founding Director of The Women’s Organizing Network, Dahlia Goldenberg merges a decade of international experience with grassroots women’s organizations and her experience with local community organizing. Previously, Dahlia supported grassroots women’s organizations worldwide to engage in peer learning with one another, and to bring their voices and knowledge the UN and other global policy spaces, as a staff member of GROOTS International and the Huairou Commission. More recently, she worked as a community organizer on issues of health equity, Hurricane Sandy recovery and economic justice at Brooklyn Congregations United, Faith in NY and Make the Road New York. She holds an MA in Gender and Development from The Institute for Development Studies at the University of Sussex
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The Women's Organizing Network