SATURDAY June 3rd Session 1: 10:00am - 11:50am
Surreal was voted the 2016 word of the year. In 2016, the US elected a president who freely makes anti-feminist comments, and who boasts of grabbing women inappropriately. Liberal women, men, and children are outraged. Worldwide protests took place on January 21, 2017, the day after President Trump took office. These presentations examines the protest signs from the Women’s March in Washington DC, New York City, and Los Angeles; as well as the online protests. An analysis of the placards cannot be done on a single level because the language and imagery are layered one upon the other to yield multi-model signs that advocate women’s rights, herstories, and a host of policies, such as reproductive rights and personal freedoms. The analysis of the protest“art” unveiled such linguistic devices as humor, word play, metonymy, mirroring, deictic references, and parallelism to convey strong messages of disapproval and objection to President Trump and his administration, his policies, and their ramifications. A different kind of identity resistance was waged in Algiers through the Berber resistance movement calling for the recognition of the Berber language and culture by the government, which had been adamant about maintaining the identity of Algeria and Algerians as Arab. It was only in 2002, forty years after the independence of Algeria from France that the Berber language, culture and heritage were given constitutional by the Algerian government. Every April 20th has been commemorated as the anniversary of the “Berber Spring.”
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Dr. Fabiola Salek is the Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages & Humanities and the Coordinator of Women’s Studies at York College-CUNY. Her research on film focuses on human rights, immigration, gender, and the construction of identity and nationality. She co-edited Screening Torture: Media Representations of State Terror and Political Domination (Columbia UP, 2012), and she is currently editing Screening Terror: Cinematic Representations of Terrorism and State Terror.
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York College - CUNY
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Dr. Elizabeth Meddeb is Associate Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages, ESL and Humanities at York College, CUNY. She also serves as the Coordinator of Applied Linguistics and ESL. She teaches many of the core courses in linguistics, as well as advanced composition courses to non-native speakers of English. Her research interests include the interaction between technology and language use; sociolinguistics; and gender and language.
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York - CUNY
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Dr. Zohra Saad is an Associate Professor and French Program Coordinator at York College/CUNY. Having grown in a multilingual, multicultural country, she understands languages and the expressive capability as well as their importance to the identity of the individual. Her area of research is the fight for linguistic rights, marginalization, and minority rights in the Arab world.
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York - CUNY
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Aegina Barnes teaches in the Department of Foreign Languages, ESL, and Humanities at York College. She did her doctoral work in English at Temple University in Philadelphia, with a concentration on film and theory. She has taught classes on cinematic adaptation, on the works of Akira Kurosawa, and on cinematic dystopias, and she is developing an interdisciplinary film minor at York College.
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York College-CUNY