The future for politics in South Africa: Youth politics/movements on and off campus.

Africa is a Country & Jacobin
"The future for politics in South Africa" explores what comes after the national liberation struggle, the political settlement of the early 1990s and the crisis of liberal democracy. Speakers will discuss and debate the crises in the ruling ANC, the rise of movements like the Economic Freedom Fighters, "decolonization" on South African campuses (via the ongoing #FeesMustFall and #RhodesMustFall movements) as well as more grassroots based movements like Reclaim the City and Equal Education
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker First Name: 
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker Last Name: 
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker Affiliation: 
Africa is a Country/New School
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker Biography: 
Sean Jacobs is the founder and editor of Africa is a Country. He is on the International Affairs faculty of the New School in New York.
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator First Name: 
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator Last Name: 
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator Affiliation: 
Yale University
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator Biography: 
Dan Magaziner is on the editorial board of Africa is a Country and an Associate Professor at Yale University, specializing in 20th century South Africa.
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator First Name: 
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator Last Name: 
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator Biography: 
Thuto Thipe is a doctoral student of 19th and 20th century African history.
Speaker 3/Fourth Facilitator First Name: 
Speaker 3/Fourth Facilitator Last Name: 
Speaker 3/Fourth Facilitator Affiliation: 
Equal Education Law Centre
Speaker 3/Fourth Facilitator Biography: 
Dmitri Holtzman is Executive Director of the Equal Education Law Centre and is originally from Cape Town, South Africa
Speaker 4/Fifth Facilitator First Name: 
A. Kayum
Speaker 4/Fifth Facilitator Last Name: 
Speaker 4/Fifth Facilitator Affiliation: 
Adjunct Lecturer at Columbia Law School
Speaker 4/Fifth Facilitator Biography: 
A. Kayum Ahmed is a Doctoral Fellow at Teachers College, Columbia University, and an Adjunct Lecturer at Columbia Law School.
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