Gramsci's Importance for the Left Today

This panel will explore Gramsci's work as a major critic of capitalism. Part of a series on major critical thinkers, this panel seeks to show how engagement with Gramsci's work can advance and sharpen left strategies and tactics in our times.
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker First Name: 
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker Last Name: 
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker Affiliation: 
The Laura Flanders Show
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker Biography: 
Founded in 2008 as GRITtv, The Laura Flanders Show stars forward looking people with reality-based strategies for realizing radical change. Watch on KCET/LINKtv, FreeSpeechTV and YouTube, or subscribe to the free podcast.
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator First Name: 
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator Last Name: 
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator Affiliation: 
Professor Emerita, College of Staten Island and the Graduate Center, City University of New York
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator Biography: 
Kate Crehan has published widely on Gramsci including two books, Gramsci, Culture and Anthropology and most recently, Gramsci's Common Sense: Inequality and Its Narratives.
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator First Name: 
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator Last Name: 
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator Affiliation: 
columnist for Truthdig and host of On Contact
Speaker 3/Fourth Facilitator First Name: 
Richard D.
Speaker 3/Fourth Facilitator Last Name: 
Speaker 3/Fourth Facilitator Affiliation: 
Democracy @ Work, Left Forum
Speaker 3/Fourth Facilitator Biography: 
Radio/TV host of "Economic Update," co-founder of
Panel/Workshop Organizer First Name: 
Richard D.
Panel/Workshop Organizer Last Name: 
Panel/Workshop Organizer Affiliation: 
Democracy at Work

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