We are proposing a "Counter-extremism Playbook" for taking on the Far Right, including the Alt Right and White Nationalism. From our diverse backgrounds and experiences, we are incorporating lessons from social science, moral psychology, and some of the nonlethal skills of our veterans who understand how to build bridges with diverse cultures, and drive a wedge against extremism. These approaches are needed here in the homeland, now more than ever. We have to engage more of America’s demography and political landscape. In doing this, we have to turn more of the population against bad ideas, and towards reason and compassion. This panel talks about how social activists can reach more of the American heartland, by understanding emotionally effective communication and cultural engagement. We are at a critical juncture. These movements of white nationalism, supremacy and hate are rapidly ascending across our political horizon and rising into increasing legitimacy in wider corners of America and Europe. We must isolate these pockets of tribal ignorance and defeat them. However, this can only be done by working with the wider population. This panel will discuss some interesting and important ways we can do this.