AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement
SATURDAY June 3rd Session 3: 3:30pm - 5:15pm
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AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement
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Journal of Modern Hellenism, Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies at Queens College
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Dan Georgakas is coauthor of Detroit: I Do Mind Dying and Solidarity Forever: An Oral History of the IWW. He is coeditor of The Encyclopedia of the America Left, coeditor of The Immigrant Left in the United States, and the general editor of a series of labor books for Garland Publishing. His other writings include books on Native Americans, Greek Americans, and centenarians. He also has scripted a television program on Puerto Ricans of New York. He has been an editor of Cineaste since l969 and has written frequently on film topics. Dan Georgakas organized the seminar for the International Brotherhood of Electrical workers and has taught labor studies at Van Arsdale School of Labor Studies (Empire State College) and the labor studies program at Queens College.)
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Apostolis Berdebes, npo
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Frosso Tsouka is an activist in the Greek American community in New York. Since 2010 she leads an ongoing project of the non profit “Apostolis Berdebes”, to chronicle the contribution of Greek immigrants in US labor history. In collaboration with historians and filmmakers in Greece her project has produced two multi-awarded documentaries, “Greek American Radicals, the untold story” (2013) and “Ludlow, Greek Americans in the Colorado Coal War” (2016). She is currently promoting “Ludlow” in the United States and doing pre-production for her next film.
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AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement, Apostolis Berdembes-npo