The Incorruptibles
SATURDAY June 3rd Session 1: 10:00am - 11:50am
All progressive legislation is held hostage by corruption in Congress, state legislatures, and local government. These institutions will never pass universal health care, stop climate change, overhaul our criminal justice system, or any of the other changes we want until we rid ourselves of money in politics. Even progressives we work hard to elect are often corrupted by the time they have been in office for a few years, because our political system rewards greed and destroys those who refuse to play by the big donor rules. How do we break out of this vicious cycle? Come to a training session by The Incorruptibles, a group that is building a deep bench of progressives who will fight and win the real battle happening in our country, the battle over who controls our government and economy, the 1% or the rest of us. You will see a condensed version of how The Incorruptibles trains candidates in the history of corruption and how it unites all our disparate goals, the systemic changes necessary, and the nitty-gritty details of how progressive values are eroded by our political climate.
Reading List: 
Runaway Inequality, Les Leopold. Dark Money, Jane Mayer. Corruption in America, Zephyr Teachout. Why Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek. Republic, Lost, Lawrence Lessig.
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The Incorruptibles
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Anna Callahan was a software developer until the Bernie campaign when she quit her job to volunteer full-time. Since then she has continued to volunteer full-time, helping elect a slate of progressives to the city council and mayorship of Berkeley, CA in the fall. She worked on the national team with Brand New Congress and is an organizer with both DFA, Our Revolution, and Indivisible in addition to founding The Incorruptibles. "Seeing the incredible vibrancy of the Bernie movement, I've been waiting for a group to capture that excitement in a national movement to move us forward. None have, so I'm following Bernie's (and Ghandi's) advice: Be the change you want to see."
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The Incorruptibles
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Liz worked in education, psychology and human services in Trenton, NJ, upstate New York and Boston. For much of that time, she was also an events organizer in Boston. Over the past six years she has worked in the employee benefits industry and is an expert in (and critic of ) our health insurance industry. "It doesn’t work anymore to be disengaged from our political system and just go about my life, because of the wide-reaching, inhumane effects of our corrupt system."
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The Incorruptibles
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Michele has worked at a number of startups in graphic design, product design, and UI/UX. She now consults startups on these and specializes on the launch phase of product development. She volunteered for the Bernie campaign and sees The Incorruptibles as the next step in the Bernie movement.
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The Incorruptibles