SATURDAY June 3rd Session 3: 3:30pm - 5:15pm
Commonly heralded as a champion of liberal thought, many are surprised to find that Karl Polanyi, writer of The Great Transformation, actually considered himself a socialist. How should we understand his contributions to socialist thought in the current conjuncture, particularly as this relates to his notion of “freedom in a complex society”?
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Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung—New York Office
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James Hare is a project manager at the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung—New York Office:
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Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung–Berlin
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Prof. Dr. Michael Brie is senior fellow at the Institute for Critical Social Analysis of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin in the field of history and theory of socialism and communism. He served as a long-time member of the program committee of the party THE LEFT. He is chief-editor of the series Contribution to Critical Transformation Research (the fourth volume was published in 2016) and researcher in the field of projects of free public transport in Europe. Most recently his book Karl Polanyi. A socialist thinker for our time was published (Montreal 2017).
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University of Michigan
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Margaret R. Somers, Professor of Sociology and History, University of Michigan, specializes in political economy, citizenship rights, and the work of Karl Polanyi. She is the author, with Fred Block, of The Power of Market Fundamentalism: Karl Polanyi’s Critique (Harvard 2014). Her previous book, Genealogies of Citizenship: Markets, Statelessness, and the Right to have Rights (Cambridge 2008), is a study of how market fundamentalism transforms rights-bearing citizenship into internal statelessness. Her book in-progress, Free-Market Utopianism: Dedemocratization and the Alchemy of Predistributive Political Economy, examines how the fiction of the free market obscures the role of the neoliberal state in decreasing democratic rights and redistributing income and resources to the wealthy.
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N+1 magazine
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Nikil Saval is a writer, journalist, and editor of N+1 magazine.
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Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung—New York Office