Reading List: 
The New Man of 4chan (the Baffler), Porn for Palecons (Jacobin)
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A discussion about the rise of the racist right and protofascism led by Angela Nagle. Angela Nagle is a cultural critic living in Ireland. She writes for the Baffler, Current Affairs, Jacobin and the Dublin Review of Books. Her essay "The New Man of 4Chan" was published by Baffler in 2016, her essay "Palecons for Porn" was published in Jacobin in February of 2017, and her book "Kill All Normies" is out from Zero Books.
The topics covered in this panel will include whether the radical left needs to change tactics in order to take on a new right-wing threat, how internet culture contributes to a climate that is conducive to the development of ideological racists, and just what motivates the "alt-right."