SATURDAY June 3rd Session 1: 10:00am - 11:50am
With the election of Donald Trump and the rise of the Republican party in American politics, America is on edge about the heinous policies and agendas set forth by the Republican party and Trump. Young millennial progressives have risen up against the hatred, bigotry and xenophobia that Trump has endorsed. Minority millennial voices are ready to rise up against hate and are actively resisting the disgusting dialogue set forth in America about people who have risked their lives to come to American shores and contribute to its prosperity.
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker First Name: 
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Khalsa Aid
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker Biography: 
Navjot has grown up in Queens, New York. Educated in public school throughout her life, she has come to know the value of education and the teachers and professors who spend day and night to educate their students. She is a community organizer with SEVA NYC -a non-profit based in Queens- and has facilitated the involvement of Sikh Americans and the Indo-Caribbean community for the environment as well as petitioning and registering voters. She has also been involved with Khalsa Aid, a UK-based NGO that provides urgent humanitarian assistance to regions struck by natural disasters and internal displacement. She has volunteered for the UN and has had a front seat to international diplomacy.
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New York Public Interest Group
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Born in the Bronx, Sharon Bardales is 20 years old and pursuing her studies in political science and economics at John Jay College. She works for the Campaign Finance Board as a Voter Assistant, is one of the board members for the New York Public Interest Research Group and the creator of the Progressive Channel where she hopes to bring factual coverage on issues impacting Americans.
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Young Progressives of America
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator Biography: 
Last semester in September (which was also my first one in college) at my college LIU Brooklyn, the administration locked out over 400 professors. The administration did this to force the union to accept a terrible contract offer. Since the union refused, the administration made an unprecedented move in American history and locked out all the professors in the union. Since my first day of school I led and organized the student protests for a week and a half until we defeated it and got our professors back. I have organized many more actions and protests at our school to better the conditions for students, teachers and workers. Since Trump's election I have been continually active and organizing protests and marches across the country, I was also a guest speaker at Occupy Inauguration rally in Washington DC. I'm the President and founder of Young Progressives of America, which is a political organization aimed at empowering young people to wield political power in order to implement the progressive agenda, and to protect our communities from Trump's policies. We have an official club at LIU Brooklyn and are expanding to other universities across the country. We have received numerous endorsements from labor unions such as Local 153, LIUFF, CWA 3122.
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Professional Staff Congress
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New York City native, Anthony Gronowicz, is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Labor and Society, and elected faculty adviser of CUNY DIVEST (from fossil fuels). His BA is from Columbia University in European history and his history PhD is from the University of Pennsylvania. He authored Race and Class Politics in New York City Before the Civil War, and edited Oswald Garrison Villard: The Dilemmas of the Absolute Pacifist in Two World Wars. He serves on the twenty-seven-member Executive Council of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC), the City University union for twenty-five thousand faculty and staff. He teaches American and European history and American Government at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) where he started up the college student newspaper and serves as its faculty advisor. From 1999 to 2001 he chaired the University Seminar on the City at Columbia University. In 2013, as the Green Party candidate for mayor, he placed 4th in a field of 15 candidates. He appears as the historical narrator for the documentary film, The Lost Village, about the negative impact that NYU has had on Greenwich Village’s cultural life.
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Speaker 4/Fifth Facilitator Affiliation: 
One Girl Inc.
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Jaslin Kaur is a 2017 graduate from Nassau Community College with an A.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies. She has served as President of the campus Speech & Debate Team and the Women’s Student Association. She is also a 2017 Newman Civic Fellow and SUNY Chancellor Award Recipient. As an outspoken activist, she has worked with AF3IRM to end sex trafficking, with One Girl Inc. to end cyberbullying, and with the International Young Leaders Assembly as a Youth Delegate to the United Nations. She is the Founder/Director of the conference, Women in Charge: A Forum on Women’s Leadership. Currently, Jaslin is a Mentor with The Fairy Godsister Inc. and Dean at the Sadie Nash Leadership Project. She is also organizing a campaign called SAWADA: South Asian Women Against Domestic Abuse, empowering young women to end domestic violence and intimate partner abuse.
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Khalsa Aid