Reading List: 
A New Model of the Economy, by Brian Hodgkinson, Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers, 2008
As we consider our acts of resistance, we must not take on just the obvious targets, as those might be diversions from fights that can actually be won. Monopolists of land and natural resources are appropriate targets. In this panel Joshua Vincent of the Center for the Study of Economics explores how sitting mayors in the Northeast US are implementing land monopoly taxes as their last resort to providing basic public services to their citizens. One of those mayors Mr. John Jones talks about his decision to reach out to Mr. Vincent for help in fiscal management. Marty Rowland, Education Chair of the Henry George School of Social Science, illustrates how taxing monopolists who despoil the air, land, and water commons can provide a clear way out of political and economic dilemmas that have equally stumped economists, political scientists, and social justice practitioners for decades, if not centuries.