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SATURDAY June 3rd Session 1: 10:00am - 11:50am
It’s no secret that the current socio-economic and political system doesn’t work for the majority of people, but fewer people know that all across the U.S. and the world, people are building solutions and experimenting with new ways to meet their communities’ needs. One of the biggest news stories of our time is simply not being reported. But who’s going to tell that story? The media that has sold generations on competition, consumerism, capitalism, extractivism and war is funded by corporations that profit from all of those. The pluralist, just, trans-local economy we know is possible is going to need new media to spread the word. If we're going to shift the culture we need media that's invested in that shift. Join The Laura Flanders Show, the New Economies Coalition and the Media Consortium to hear about the collaboration they're already involved in, and to brainstorm with them about next steps.
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The Laura Flanders Show
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Best-selling author Laura Flanders interviews forward-thinking people about the key questions of our time on The Laura Flanders Show, seen weekly on her own YouTube channel and syndicated nationally on KCET/LinkTV, FreeSpeech TV (also available as a podcast). A contributing writer to The Nation magazine and a regular guest on MSNBC, she is the author of six books, including The New York Times best-seller, BUSHWOMEN: Tales of a Cynical Species, and Blue GRIT: True Democrats Take Back Politics from the Politicians. The Laura Flanders Show aired on Air America Radio from 2004-2008 prior to which Flanders was the founding host of Your Call on public radio in San Francisco, and founder of the mediawatch program, CounterSpin. She has a long record of media appearances, from Real Time with Bill Maher to The O’Reilly Factor. For more, follow @GRITlaura or visit
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New Economy Coalition
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Natalia Linares is an artist advocate, publicist, and social entrepreneur with a deep-seeded passion for economic justice and democracy. In 2010, she founded conrazón - creating visibility for the world's wildest creators and disorganizers - an artist development agency investing in new paradigms for a hyper-connected, heart-centered generation. Her extensive resume includes working as an artist manager for Panamanian, Oakland-based bicultural rap pioneers Los Rakas and Brazil-via-Brooklyn Carioca-funk polyglot diva Zuzuka Poderosa, handling Artist Relations for NYC's iconic free concert series SummerStage, leading publicity efforts for emergent festivals like Santiago de Cuba's inaugural MANANA as well as the Afro-Latino Festival of NYC, and strategic consulting for #DIASPORADICAL artists like Chicano Batman, Blitz the Ambassador, Bomba Estereo, Quantic and many others. Linares is also the founder of ISLA, an arts collective based in her hometown of New York City borough Staten Island, which organizes an annual community arts festival. This experience & her ongoing work as a collective member of Sol Collective Sacramento, CA - a community center which is co-creating a co-operative record label, artist development model & grassroots touring network - led her to explore the role art and artist collectives could play in building not only a new economy, but a new culture.
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Co-Founder, The Democracy Collaborative, and Co-Chair, The Next System Project
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Gar Alperovitz has had a distinguished career as a historian, political economist, activist, writer, and government official. For fifteen years, he served as the Lionel R. Bauman Professor of Political Economy at the University of Maryland, and is a former Fellow of Kings College, Cambridge University; Harvard’s Institute of Politics; the Institute for Policy Studies; and a Guest Scholar at the Brookings Institution. He is the author of critically acclaimed books on the atomic bomb and atomic diplomacy and his articles have appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, the New Republic, The Nation, and the Atlantic among other popular and academic publications. He has been profiled by the New York Times, the Associated Press, People, UPI and Mother Jones and has been a guest on numerous network TV and cable news programs, including “Meet the Press,” “Larry King Live,” “The Charlie Rose Show,” “Cross Fire,” and “the O’Reilly Factor.”
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The Media Consortium
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Jo Ellen Green Kaiser is the executive director of The Media Consortium. Passionate about mission-driven independent media, Jo Ellen has worked for a succession of independent magazines, including stints as Managing Editor and Associate Publisher of Tikkun, Publisher of LiP: Informed Revolt, and Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief of Zeek. She is driven by a belief that democratic societies thrive only when their members have access to accurate information and informed opinion. Before coming to the Media Consortium, Jo Ellen was a leading figure in Jewish media. She is the co-editor of Righteous Indignation: A Jewish Response to Justice (Jewish Lights) and co-led the Righteous Indignation Project. She has written about Jewish social justice for a number of publications, including The Jewish Daily Forward, Sojourners, Tikkun and
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Del Rio
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New Economy Project
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Deyanira Del Rio is co-director of New Economy Project, which works with community groups to challenge Wall Street corporations that harm communities and perpetuate inequality and poverty; and to build a new economy based on cooperation, equity, racial justice, and ecological sustainability. Dey has 20 years' experience organizing financial justice coalitions and campaigns; building and sustaining community-controlled credit unions and loan funds; and promoting worker coops, community land trusts, and non-speculative housing in neighborhoods of color. Dey is board chair of LES People’s Federal Credit Union, a financial cooperative with 8,000 members in low income and immigrant NYC neighborhoods. She also serves as board chair of the NYC Community Land Initiative, an alliance leading the movement for community land trusts in NYC.
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Jo Ellen
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The Laura Flanders Show