Since November of 2016 many hundreds (perhaps thousands) of towns, cities, villages and communities have come together and formed loosely organized groups based on solidarity and care of those most vulnerable in this historic moment. These groups tend to focus on issues of support and protection, ranging from people without legal status to those at risk of loosing their health care. "Sanctuary" has become a focus of many, while popular education and access to legal and medical support is the focus of others. Deportation prevention and interference is especially common as well as "up stander" trainings, to learn together how to not be bystanders in cases of harassment and direct attacks against vulnerable people. In this panel, a few women from the Delaware County Solidarity group in the Catskills will share what we have been doing and why the focus in on support and care, and not ideology or politics with a capital P. We have found that our experiences organizing are consistent with those dozens of groups in the region and around the country. We hope to open a conversation on what is taking place, how we can better network and connect our various organizing efforts, and what might be other ways to deepen solidarity and more beyond response based organizing.