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SATURDAY June 3rd Session 1: 10:00am - 11:50am
In the decade and a half since 9/11, political acts violating all recognized moral norms — sometimes even against the law and the Constitution, flawed as they both are — have become commonplace in America and accepted by far too many people as normal. In its determination to assert, through military power and unprecedented tools of surveillance, a vision of dominance over all other nations, over all opposing ideologies, and even over its own population (a vision enthusiastically promoted by both Republicans and Democrats), the American State, and the capitalist system it promotes, has earned the right to be called evil. And there can also be no doubt that, despite the wealth of our cities and the brilliance of our technology, we are currently living through a new Dark Age. Our panel will make the case for the Green Party’s transformative political and spiritual counter-vision, which will help bring light to the darkness that threatens to envelope and destroy all human feeling and humanity itself, and will show what can be done about it.
Reading List: 
People of the Lie by Scott Peck; A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle; Thou Shalt Not Be Aware by Alice Miller
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Gotham Greens
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Bonnie Keyes is an activist with the Gotham Greens Local of the Green Party of New York. She is a writer, poet, photographer, and artist. She blogged extensively with Correntwire, Open Salon (now closed) and now has a strong twitter presence. Her screen name is libbyliberal. Bonnie has done over 12 years of volunteer work in NYC with troubled teens. Before moving to NYC she was employed as a high school English teacher in Connecticut for eight years. Her last two years as a teacher were spent organizing and teaching at an alternate high school which continues to this day.
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Gotham Greens
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John “Jack” Baldwin is a longtime member of the Green Party, serving on the state committee and in various locals, including the Gotham Greens local. He has also served as an activist with various environmental groups, such as Occupy the Pipeline and Shut Down Indian Point Now. He is a professional writer and a playwright, looking to find the proper convergence of Left politics and art.
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Gotham Greens
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Gabe Evans is a teaching resident at Hunter College and campaign manager for two local Green candidates. With a BA in Math and English from Cornell University, he has taught ESL, GED writing, basic literacy and numeracy, test prep, and English Language Arts 9-12. He looks forward to obtaining certification to teach math and TESOL at the high school level so that he can better help underserved communities. An activist, he fights for the homeless with VOCAL-NY, for black and brown liberation with NYC Shut It Down, and for the end to prison slavery with the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, among others.
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Green Party of Brooklyn
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Persephone Smith is the Green Party City Council candidate for District 37 (Bushwick and East New York) and a member of the Green Party of Brooklyn. She served in the Navy from 1989 to 1996, seeing combat in Iraq, and later applied the leadership skills she obtained there to serving as Youth Counselor at an Ali Fornay LGBTQ youth shelter, facilitating meetings for Trans and Gender Non Conforming individuals at the Brooklyn Pride Community Center, and leading trans sensitivity trainings for suicide hotline workers at the Trevor Project. Prior to entering the political arena, she was and continues to be an activist, working primarily with trans and Black Lives Matter groups.
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Gotham Greens
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Paul Gilman is a longtime activist against war, racism and the drug war and in favor of the legalization of marijuana. In 2014, he ran as a Green for State Senate in New York’s Senate District 11. He encourages all those worried about climate change, the drug war and racial inequality to get involved in the electoral process as Greens, remembering that elections are not an end in and of themselves, but a means to the greater goals of human salvation and saving Mother Gaia.
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Gotham Greens
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