SATURDAY June 3rd Session 2: 12:00pm - 1:50pm
This panel will investigate the prospects and difficulties the Left faces in establishing a resourced based economy (RBE). What is an RBE? A resourced based economy is an economy where our actual resource supply (its development, protection, sustainability and limitations) guides our socio-economic decision making; not particular private interests or profit. Correspondingly, an equal right of managed access to resources by all becomes the ethical basis for distributing and enhancing resource availability. Resources are managed via direct democracy through open sourced computing and transparency of information. Discussion will range from entrenched corporate power, to overcoming libertarian delusions, to psychological resistance to the radical vision of an RBE.
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Harry T.
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Harry T. Cason is a a long-time adjunct lecturer at CUNY's College of Staten Island, who is finishing a book on U.S. relations with Spain post-WWII. Cason is presently researching the concept of property and its evolution. Cason is also a member of the Zeitgeist Movement, an activist educational organization established to promote ecological sustainability and social justice.
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Seton Hall University
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Professor Horowitz has a forthcoming article in the Review of Radical Political Economics entitled Political Identity and Economists' Perceptions of Capitalist Crises and a recent article in Critical Sociology entitled Maquiladora Production, Rising Expectations, and Alterglobalization Strategy.
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retired NYC Environmental Engineer
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Since retirement, Florentino has been very active in various political clubs on Staten Island and is presently running for City Council from Staten Island.
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Harry T.
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