In this Panel we will elaborate on a policy that can tackle efficiently and effectively the rampant Social and Economic ills which have been afflicting humanity during its Industrial and Post-Industrial phase. Disentangling Privately creating values from Commonly created values is the key to the riddle for solving growing Income Inequality, the conundrum of running growing fiscal deficits and getting into unsustainable debt spirals, the insidious role of the F.I.RE sector, unemployment, unproductive taxation, extraction of natural resources, environmental pollution, affordable housing, ownership and development and maintenance of public infrastructure. Inspired by the seminal work of Henry George who in 1879 published his seminal work "Progress and Poverty", in an era very similar to ours (with vast technological advance and great creation of wealth in tandem with abject poverty) we will dig past the superficial and unproductive rhetorical approach of mainstream pundits and academics and solve the Gordian knot of local and global Economic and Social Justice through a program termed "Land Value Taxation" (LVT)