The purpose of this panel discussion is to explore the trials, triumphs and lessons of Occupy Wall Street as well as the ONGOING work in its name primarily through Occu-Evolve who have organized on a variety of issues including against Police Brutality, for Housing, against Economic Injustice, for Affordable Housing, True Democracy, Diversity in Occupy and many other issues. Key presenters are Jerry Ashton (OWS, R.I.P. Medical Debt and previously Rolling Jubilee) and Jan Weinberg (Show Up! America/OWS), both key organizers of S-17 (September 17th—the yearly celebrations and events on the anniversary and founding date of Occupy Wall Street), respectively, will also conduct key presentations on their continuing and significant work surrounding the issues of confronting and eliminating student and medical debt as well as against TPP (The Transpacfic Partnership) and For Environmental Protections. Also includes Sumumba Sobukwe, co-Creator of Occu-Evolve and Founder of Occupy Wall Street (Action Council), who will moderate the discussion.