NY Coordinator to Free Puerto Rico
SATURDAY June 3rd Session 2: 12:00pm - 1:50pm
This panel workshop will explore the success of the Oscar Lopez Rivera freedom movement at the local ( diaspora) Puerto Rico and at the international level; strengths in the coalition building and strategic model considerations for securing the release of all political prisoners in the USA. We will examine the lessons learned for the 35 years of this struggle to free Oscar and the analysis of historical conjectures.
Reading List: 
Dr. Luis Nieves Falcon and Matt Meyer, Editors (2013). Between Tourture and Resistance. PM Press. and Cartas a Karina
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker First Name: 
Ana M.
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker Last Name: 
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker Affiliation: 
NY Coordinator to Free Oscar
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker Biography: 
Ana M Lopez, Juris Doctor, Doctor in Political Science, 30 years in education, bilingual curriculum developer for secondary education and university higher education, writer, journalist, political analyst and strategist for building community empowerment, designer of different organizing models for community development, organizer of coalitions for human rights and social justice and community organizer for more than 40 years. She is a Puerto Rican pro-independence advocate. Spokesperson for NY coordinator to Free Oscar
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator First Name: 
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator Last Name: 
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator Affiliation: 
War Resistance league
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator Biography: 
Matt Meyer is an educator in the NYC public school system, writer and coalition builder. Matt has done solidarity work for Puerto Rico and other colonized nations.
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator First Name: 
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator Last Name: 
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator Affiliation: 
NY Coordinator
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator Biography: 
Nepher Rodriguez is long term educator and fighter for Puerto Rico's independence.
Panel/Workshop Organizer First Name: 
Ana M.
Panel/Workshop Organizer Last Name: 
Panel/Workshop Organizer Affiliation: 
NY Coordinator to Free Puerto Rico