The exploitation and austerity imposed by capitalism that is grinding people down all around the world has triggered protests and movements from Egypt, Greece, Spain, France to Ferguson, Baltimore and elsewhere in the U.S. But these struggles quickly met their limits and dissipated or were channeled back into the system. Nowhere has the working class provided an independent, let alone revolutionary, perspective to current struggles. Today, when the working class tends to be inactive and appears to be attracted to extreme right-wing candidates, many of those seeking revolutionary change have turned away from the working class as the revolutionary model of the 21st century, claiming that the proletariat, its workers’ councils, the revolutionary party, and the socialist program have been relegated to the dustbin of history, and we need a new political approach. We disagree with this perspective. The potential and necessity of the working class to once again provide a leadership to struggles that challenge the status quo is just as true today as it ever was. And now is the time to prepare for the working class struggles to come. Come to a presentation and discussion of our perspectives and efforts in both France and the U.S. for building a revolutionary organization in the working class today.