SATURDAY June 3rd Session 2: 12:00pm - 1:50pm
How can protest break into the mainstream media? In this age of the Trump administration, protest has gotten more attention than ever, but how do you keep your cause ongoing in the mainstream media. This panel of artists and publicity experts will show you how to alert the media before and after with media advisory ideas that get their attention, how to generate interesting story ideas that keep reporters/photographers asking for more, what kind of art to use to enhance your messaging, and how to stage your action for maximum effectiveness. Activists will exit the panel with a primer on the best ways to get media attention, as well as give case studies that show those protests that got their demands met.
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Revolution Is Sexy
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Marni Halasa, a lawyer, journalist, activist, NYC parade personality and performance artist, is the founder of Revolution Is Sexy, a one-stop shop for activists, groups and organizations needing advice and counseling on how to stage protests that attract the attention of mainstream media. Whether an action calls for costumes, signage, dance performances, press releases or media outreach, RIS has helped protest groups create the buzz and the excitement needed to make the world notice a worthy cause. Since Occupy Wall Street, Ms. Halasa has donated her costumes and creativity to protests on progressive issues, collaborating with groups like the Alternative Banking Group in their Occupy Protest School, teaching creative protest classes to high school students. She also was an editor for the book, “Occupy Finance," which educated the wider public about the 2008 financial crisis. Her performance art, installation pieces and dance have been featured in mainstream media nationally, internationally and locally countless times including The New York Times, Washington Post, New York Daily News, CBS Nightly News, The Guardian, USA Today, NPR and PBS. Her website is:
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Actor, Director, Puppeteer
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Elliot Crown is a writer/actor/director. He has performed at The Public, The Beckett, and BAM, recited poetry at the Whitney, and starred in the award-winning indie, "City News" on PBS. He toured as a clown with Carden Johnson Circus, played "Dubya" in the Missile Dick Chicks, narrates New England whale watch tours and appears in 5 protest theater documentaries. His protest puppets regularly appear in the mainstream media, seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, Time, USA Today, The Guardian, The Village Voice, the Huffington Post, Common Dreams, Newsday, and AP and Reuters wires. And recently, his mask of Donald Trump received non-stop publicity in the mainstream media for the past 6 months. For more information, see
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Co-Founder of
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New York filmmaker David Sauvage is cofounder of, a nonprofit multimedia and news-aggregation site, dedicated to stories of the 99 percent. Before Occupy, David made the documentary “Carissa,” about a young woman who turned her life around after prostitution. The film was produced by David’s mentor, Academy Award-winning Davis Guggenheim, and licensed to Current TV. David’s next films “Kweisi” and “Soundcheck,” explorations of poetry and jazz fusion respectively, engage viewers through original combinations of animation, music and graphics. On the commercial side, David has directed pieces for clients that have included Maybelline, Bon Appetit Magazine, Nivea for Men, Hugo Boss and the Wall Street Journal. David has an MBA from UCLA and a BA from Columbia University. David's website is
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Founder of Revolution Is Sexy