New Economy Project, Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union,, and The Working World
SATURDAY June 3rd Session 2: 12:00pm - 1:50pm
How do New York City’s tax dollars and pension funds fuel bank redlining, the extraction of wealth from communities of color, and climate change? What can New Yorkers do to address these systemic injustices? This panel will frame a conversation on the extractive nature of our financial system, and the harms it causes to people, communities, and the environment. Discussion will focus on campaigns to divest NYC from financing climate change, and emerging efforts to create a locally-controlled, democratically-structured public bank for NYC. Participants will hear from organizations leading local divestment campaigns, providing community-based financial services in NYC neighborhoods of color and immigrant neighborhoods, and developing new cooperative economics models -- and learn how they can get involved in these critical organizing efforts.
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New Economy Project
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Sarah is the founder and co-director of New Economy Project.
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Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union
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Linda Levy is the Chief Executive Officer of the Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union, and has spent over 40 years in the cooperative and credit union movement. A Lower East Side community resident for 25 years, Ms. Levy has very close relationships with many community based organizations, businesses and residents. She also serves on the Board of the East Harlem-El Barrio Community Land Trust.
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The Working World
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Ethan Earle currently acts as chairperson of the board of The Working World, an alternative loan fund that supports the development of worker cooperatives and economic democracy. From 2010-12 he worked as the organization's director. He now works as a project manager for the New York office of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, a policy institute and civic education foundation based out of Germany.
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New Economy Project