Resistance Is Not Enough: Imminent Climate Catastrophe Compels a Replacement Strategy

We will offer theoretical and practical arguments that resistance, i.e. reactive, ameliorative acts and goals, are not enough in this era of imminent climate catastrophe. We need to develop concrete plans for how a Marx-inspired struggle for a just and sustainable postcapitalist global society will proceed. Current struggles will take on a larger meaning when encompassed by an overarching postcapitalist replacement strategy.
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker First Name: 
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker Last Name: 
Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker Affiliation: 
Co-Chair Environmental Justice Committee of the National Lawyers Guild
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator First Name: 
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator Last Name: 
Speaker 1/Second Facilitator Affiliation: 
Union for Radical Political Economics/Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator First Name: 
Patricia S
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator Last Name: 
Speaker 2/Third Facilitator Affiliation: 
National Lawyers Guild, Radical Philosophy Association
Panel/Workshop Organizer First Name: 
Patricia S
Panel/Workshop Organizer Last Name: 
Panel/Workshop Organizer Affiliation: 
National Lawyers Guild, Radical Philosophy Association

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