We analyze race, class, gender, and black labor within the current political moment. The whole world is in transition and embodies an irreversible capitalist crisis, and intensifying state violence, white supremacy, xenophobia, patriarchy, ecocide, political polarity, and struggle from below. The 2017 Trump presidency ushers in an intensification of the polarization of wealth and poverty, democracy for billionaire capitalists, and developing fascism for the masses. Forces of protest, resistance, and revolution are rising up. Black workers at the point of production in the 1960s are today at the point of dispossession, state violence, and increasingly death. They are a conscious and powerful force within today’s multiracial, multinational and multigendered class struggle for humanity and the planet. Through video from the League of Revolutionary Black Workers (LRBW) media and education project and discussion, we share lessons for a new generation of movement actors rooted in decades of political practice and theoretical study of former members of the LRBW in the Revolutionary Union Movement organizations (RUMs) in the Detroit plants for auto and related industries and their communities, from 1968 to 1970. Many remain engaged in social struggle; and their lives and political practice provide a focus on black workers in relation to shifts in capitalist production, the state, and the revolutionary process (www.revolutionaryblackworkers.org). A critical overarching lesson is that it’s easy to be a revolutionary in revolutionary times, but it takes theory to be a revolutionary in ebb times. An essential question is how much power will labor have when labor is in competition with robots? It is imperative that collectively our movement develop a vision and strategy, including theoretical education, to inform our political practice in relation to the revolutionary process in the 21st century.