SATURDAY June 3rd Session 2: 12:00pm - 1:50pm
Purpose + All Out + BLM + Millennials for Revolution have been at the forefront of Resistance Activities and Building Participatory Movements for years. We will drill into our successes and areas of improvement, explain what is working and what hasn't. Lets talk numbers, metrics and about our audiences. Join us and let's talk about #newpower.
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As a Propeller Community Manager — Caleb-Michael works at the pinnacle of digital strategy and partnerships. With a background in electoral and issue-based campaign strategy — they deliver high quality content and strategy around the most pressing political and social justice issues. Before joining Purpose, Caleb-Michael led the Mid-South Region of the Fight for $15’s digital efforts and built the strategy for both their online and offline actions. Prior to the Fight for $15 — Caleb-Michael led the Digital Strategy for NextGen Climate as a Digital Director in Illinois and North Carolina for the largest student mobilization to the polls ever. Caleb-Michael spent the 2016 Primary election working as a Lead Digital Strategist at The People for Bernie Sanders building one of the grassroots mobilizations around Bernie Sanders successes in the election. Caleb-Michael studied Political Science and Communications at the University of Missouri - Kansas City, and also earned a certificate in Labor Studies.
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All Out
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Devorne is an Operations and Marketing Associate at All Out. All Out is a digital advocacy nonprofit focused on LGBT equality worldwide and has been at the forefront of LGBT Resistance work since 2012 . Devorne has a long history of LGBT justice work and a professional background in entertainment PR. Devorne formerly with B|W|R is a member of GLAAD, Amnesty International, an ambassador for his alma-mater, an LGBT student mentor and has volunteered at the prestigious GLAAD Media Awards every year for the past three years. Devorne received his Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Utica College.
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Renee brings her unique perspective as an entertainment lawyer and a pop-culture enthusiast to bear on all of her work. Working in urban film development she built a strong network of engagement via Black Twitter that drew the audience in and made them a vested part of the film making process. In her work as a White House Intern and as a United States Senate Fellow her passion for fighting injustice led her to tracking proposed legislation affecting nuclear waste and its safe transportation throughout the country as well as changes to federal election laws that would make the election process fairer to those with limited economic resources. Renee has a B.A. in Communications from Brigham Young University and a J.D. from Southwestern Law School.
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Millennials for Revolution
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Moumita is an organizer, and leader of the Bernie Sanders Grassroots movement. She is a core member of the founding group of People for Bernie Sanders, and Founder of Millennials for Revolution. Both People for Bernie and Millennials for Revolution--formerly, Millennials for Bernie Sanders -- played a pivotal role in turning Bernie Sanders into a phenomenon. Members of People For Bernie are founders of the hashtag #FeelTheBern and Millennials for Revolution mobilized thousands of millennials across the country. Currently she is doing digital and media strategy for progressive clients and managing the day to day operations of the " District 13--Resistance House" in DC.
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Black Lives Matter - New York
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Kei Williams is a queer transmasculine identified community organizer with #BlackLivesMatter, NYC Chapter. Kei is currently the Community of Practice Project Coordinator with Movement Netlab, a practice-centered ‘think-make-and-do tank’. A self-taught visual artist & graphic designer, they assist small businesses and nonprofit organizations with communications, marketing, and social media. Kei centers their work on those most marginalized in society: transgender persons and those who suffer from mental illness.
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