SUNDAY June 4th Session 5: 10:00am - 11:50am
In our era of consolidated Trumpismo power, and the various organic and bottom up focal points of resistance to it across the country and across movements, we, as the organized independent left, must continue to revitalize our capacity to function as an organized and unified effective force, both electorally as well as in the streets. This round-table will bring together a diverse group of Green and Socialist parties leaders and organizers, to directly address ongoing challenges and opportunities in the way forward towards the building of a more unified electoral and politically independent socialist left at this most critical time in our history. What is part of our shared history towards the goal of creating a broad front? Are there viable models for US Left unity? What are some of the possible existing vehicles towards this? How might party and group independence be affected? Is there a positive US precedence? What lessons can we gather from positive international examples, like PODEMOS in Spain or PSOL in Brazil, [as well as new cross-border anti-austerity and democracy initiatives like Varoufakis' DiEM25 ]
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Green Party US
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Adrián Boutureira came to the US in 1973 following the consolidation of the brutal right wing military regime in his native country of Uruguay. He has since spent most of his adult life in the US engaged in the struggle for social justice. To this end, he has co-founded and served in several key national, and community based organizations as program director, political organizer, outreach coordinator, popular educator, policy analyst and community outreach coordinator. The focus of his work has included racial economic and environmental justice, Latin American liberation struggles, Palestinian Liberation, and immigrant, indigenous, labor and human rights. In December 2014, Adrián joined the Jill Stein's Green Party presidential campaign, where he served as Field Director and Special Advisor on Palestinian and Latin American Affairs. He is presently serving as the Green Party's National Political Organizer.
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Green Party US
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International Socialist Organization
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Left Elect- Solidarity
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Green Party; SCNCC
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Socialist Alternative
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Green Party U.S.