May First/People Link
FRIDAY June 2nd Session A: 5:00pm - 6:45pm
Technology is at the center of political struggle today. Used by our movements and by the ruling class, it has brought us to unprecedented stages of development. It could be used to create a highly repressive and controlled society -- as our government envisions it -- or it could be used to literally create the society movement people imagine. It all depend on who controls it and how they use it. This workshop, featuring a panel of outstanding activists, explores that issue while also explaining the Technology and Revolution convergences May First is sponsoring.
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Technology and Revolution
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Chair/First Facilitator/Speaker Last Name: 
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May First/People Link
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Alfredo Lopez is a founder of May First/People Link and a member of its Leadership Committee. A veteran of 50 years in this country's revolutionary struggle, he has been involved in many types of national, regional and local struggles. He's the author of five published books.
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May First/People Link
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Writer, educator and activist, Maritza Arrastia is an award-winning popular education practitioner and a life-time revolutionary organizer and activist. She has written two books and contributed to several more.
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League of Revolutionaries for a New America
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Veteran activist and organizer Jerome Scott was a founder of Project South and a leader of the U.S. Social Forum.
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Speaker 3/Fourth Facilitator Affiliation: 
Progressive Technology Project
Speaker 3/Fourth Facilitator Biography: 
Executive Director of the Progressive Technology Project, Alice Aguilar is one of this country's most prominent technology/organizers and a leader in the fight against racism and sexism in technology and to bring women of color into technology and win movement respect for the women of color already doing technology work.
Speaker 4/Fifth Facilitator First Name: 
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The Highlander Research and Education Center
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At Highlander, Samir is a member of the Education Team and helps to support the Economics and Governance curriculum, the Appalachian Transition Fellowship, and the Seeds of Fire youth leadership program. They have been involved lately with exploring and developing alternative forms of Internet connectivity infrastructure independent of the major telecommunications companies that are instead driven, developed, and controlled by communities.
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Speaker 5/Sixth Facilitator Affiliation: 
Center for Media Justice
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National Organizer at the Center for Media Justice with over 15 years of media production, communications and organizing experience, Chinyere is one of the best known and most prominent voices in the media justice movements. She has played a major role in virtually every major media justice campaign over the last five years including the Net Neutrality campaign and, currently, several of the privacy and anti-surveillance campaigns (particularly in communities of color).
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May First/People Link