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SUNDAY June 4th Session 6: 12:00pm - 1:50pm
This panel, featuring both veteran and new organizers from various progressive movements, will examine the amazing explosion of anti-Trump organizing going on across the U.S. and assess how this growing movement can embrace a broad, inclusive agenda, adopting strategies and tactics to sustain effective resistance for the long haul, as well as articulate a compelling and practical vision for the future.
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The Resistance: A Unified Left for Universal Liberation?
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Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
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Scott Harris is executive producer of "Between The Lines" radio newsmagazine and host of the two-hour live talk show "Counterpoint" heard Monday evenings 8:00 to 10:00 pm on WPKN Radio 89.5 FM. He is the founder, past president and a board member of the Norwalk, CT - Nagarote, Nicaragua Sister City Project, Norwalk, CT, 1986-present. Harris currently serves as a director of a Connecticut-based halfway house program facilitating the reintegration of residents returning from prison back into the community.
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People's Climate March
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Leslie Cagan is one of the nation's most accomplished peace and justice organizers: from the Vietnam war to racism at home, nuclear disarmament to lesbian/gay liberation, fighting sexism to opposing military intervention. Cagan was the National Coordinator of UFPJ. Her organizing skills have put her in the center of hundreds of events, including the 1982 Nuclear Disarmament demonstration; the 1987 lesbian/gay rights march on DC; the largest mobilizations against the Iraq War (2/15/03, 3/22/03, 8/29/04, 9/24/05 and 1/27/07); the Sept. 2014 People’s Climate March; the March for Climate, Jobs & Justice on 4/29/17. Cagan has worked on progressive electoral & legislative campaigns. She played a major role in winning back and then chaired the Interim Pacifica Radio National Board.
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Organizer and Movement Historian
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L.A. Kauffman has spent more than 30 years immersed in radical movements as a journalist, historian, organizer and strategist. Her writings on grassroots activism and social movement history have been published in The Nation, The Progressive, Mother Jones, the Village Voice, n+1, The Baffler and many other outlets. Kauffman was a central strategist of the two-year direct action campaign that saved more than 100 New York City community gardens from bulldozing in 1999. She was the mobilizing coordinator for the massive Feb. 15, 2003 antiwar protest in New York City and continued this role during the 2004 Republican National Convention up to the present day in the anti-Trump movement. L.A. Kauffman is the author of the book, "Direct Action: Protest and the Reinvention of American Radicalism" (2017).
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Black Lives Matter of Greater New York
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Hawk Newsome, president of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, is an activist at the forefront of the New Civil Rights Movement and former county committee member of New York’s District 79. He has dedicated his adult life to the betterment of his community and our nation as a whole. The Bronx native was raised in a devout Christian household. As a youth, Hawk succumbed to the temptations of his environment and dropped out of high school. With the love and support of his family, mentors and athletic ability, he was able to push forward and obtain a GED, bachelor's of science and law degrees. ​
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Investigative journalist Arun Gupta is co-founder of The Indypendent and The Occupied Wall Street Journal, as well as former international news editor of The Guardian Newsweekly. He has covered a wide range of issues for The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Salon, Truthout, The Progressive, The Nation and other publications. Gupta, who helped organize a demonstration to shut down the New York Stock Exchange for the 20th anniversary of Earth Day, is the author of the forthcoming book, "Bacon as a Weapon of Mass Destruction: A Junk-Food-Loving Chef’s Inquiry into Taste."
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