The whole world is alarmed by the election of Trump to the Presidency of the most powerful imperialist nation in the world. Trump’s administration is awash in racism, anti-Communism, male supremacy, and militarism. Every aspect of human existence – social, economic, political, environmental, human rights, and cultural – is under assault. His priority is greater profits for the transnational banks and corporations and represents an open assault on the rights of workers, racially and nationally oppressed people, immigrants, women, LGBTQ, youth, and seniors. Voting rights, unions, and public services are in the cross hairs of the multinational banks and corporations seeking to squeeze extra profits from the public wealth. Intensified war and aggression in the heightened pursuit over world domination is bringing all the world’s people to the brink of nuclear and environmental catastrophe. The mass popular response is of great importance from the fight for democracy today, to the strengthening of the anti-monopoly coalition, to the transformation of society into a Socialist future. A panel of speakers will tackle these issues in this workshop.