Campaign for Peace and Democracy; AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement. New Politics magazine
SATURDAY June 3rd Session 2: 12:00pm - 1:50pm
Join us to talk with Irish author Helena Sheehan about her new book The Syriza Wave: Surging and Crashing with the Greek Left. A seasoned activist and participant-observer, Sheehan adroitly places us at the center of the whirlwind beginnings of Syriza, its jubilant victory at the polls, and finally at Syriza’s surrender to the very austerity measures it once vowed to annihilate. Beginning as a strong Syriza supporter, Sheehan sees the party transformed from a horizon of hope to a vortex of despair. But out of the dust of defeat, she asks what we can learn from the Greek experience to help the left in Greece, the United States, and beyond succeed as it renews resistance to austerity. Monthly Review Press was happy to publish this book, which is available at
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Co-director, Campaign for Peace and Democracy; Editorial board member, New Politics magazine; Member, AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement
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Helena Sheehan is Professor Emerita at Dublin City University, where she taught history of ideas and media studies. She is the author of The Syriza Wave: Surging and Crashing with the Greek Left as well as other books and articles.
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Helena Sheehan is the author of several books, including The Syriza Wave: Surging and Crashing with the Greek Left; Marxism and the Philosophy of Science: A Critical History; and Irish Television Drama: A Society and Its Stories, as well as magazine articles on politics, culture, and philosophy. Born in the U.S., Sheehan now lives in Ireland and has been a frequent visitor to Greece.
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Adj. Assistant Professor, Sociology, Baruch College – CUNY; Member, AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement
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Aaron Amaral is a New York City based socialist and labor lawyer and a member of the International Socialist Organization and AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement. His review of Helena Sheehan's The Syriza Wave appeared in New Politics No. 62 (Winter 2017).
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Joanne Landy is Co-Director of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy and a member of the New Politics editorial board.
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