With the ascent of Trump to the presidency, a repulsive and sinister politic has become the impetus that motivates and drives public policy, and Trump's hardcore base has become emboldened to a frightening degree. The language—and worse, the sentiment—of racism, bigotry and hate has been legitimized and is now, for so many people, totally acceptable in public discourse. Nazis and Klansmen have emerged from their closets and have become part of the mainstream. Yet, while much of the ruling class is moving rightward at an accelerated pace, society is moving to the left. This workshop will look at various forms of oppression to see how they interrelate with class, how class affects us collectively, and how awareness and consciousness of one's place and role in class society can be used as a tool for mobilizing and organizing people and communities to fight for social justice, economic equality and a world where wealth is shared by all, for the benefit of all, and not owned by a small clique of capitalists who have appropriated it for their own use. Participants will learn games and exercises used in Theater of the Oppressed that can be taken back to their organizations, communities and constituencies to use in their mobilizing and organizing campaigns for radical transformation.