Understanding Our Resistance

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Understanding Our Resistance: New contradictions of US Empire: Trump & the Neocons. The central question of US politics is centered upon whether or not the US Empire can achieve hegemony in the face of China, Russia and new emerging global alliances. Dr. Tony Monteiro challenges the conventional wisdom of the US Left.
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Black Agenda Report
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Black Agenda Report
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5. Dr. Anthony Montiero, a DuBoisian scholar and veteran of anti-imperialism and social justice movements in Philadelphia is a frequent contributor to Black Agenda Report and Black Agenda Radio. Montiero media appearances include The Real News Network and published work in Coungerpunch among many ohers.
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Executive Editor Black Agenda Report
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Veteran newscaster and editor Glen Ford is Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report, an online service of news, information and analysis from the Black Left. Ford produces Black Agenda Radio that airs weekly on Progressive Radio Network. His radio and TV appearances include Democracy Now, RT, Counterpunch Radio
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