Any revolutionary movement must come with new forms of thought and practice. Universities, due to their deep ties to the neoliberal capitalist order fail to create knowledge for the people, or knowledge to liberate the people. They exploit their employees, gentrify poor and working class communities and have become ideological surrogates for the 1%. To produce knowledge to liberate people, we need new spaces of knowledge creation, which are close to ordinary and working people. We will speak from our experience at the Saturday Free School in Philadelphia. The Saturday Free School is a school for organizers, and engages in conversation with a wide body of thinkers, including Fanon, Gramsci, Cesaire, Marx and Lenin. We build on the Black Radical Tradition, the heritage of the anti-colonial struggle and the radical wing of the European enlightenment. Our theoretical and ideological anchorage is in the thinking and practice of WEB Du Bois and James Baldwin. We will discuss how this enters into our practice as organizers and serves as a basis for the ideological and political education of the people, a necessary aspect of political organization which can move beyond spontaneity in these times of crisis and ideological uncertainty.