President Trump rode a wave of economic anxiety all the way to the White House. He effectively seized on the mass discontent felt by working people across the country, fueled by decades of neoliberal economic policies supported by both major parties. Since entering office, however, Trump has doubled down on the same crony capitalist approach to the economy that’s led to the highest levels of inequality since the Gilded Age. So what would a Left alternative vision of the U.S. economy look like? What kind of policies can activists on the Left push for that would stem the tide of inequality and serve as a counter force to both Trumpism and corporate capitalism? Bernie Sanders outlined a sweeping progressive agenda in his 2016 presidential campaign, but many more radical policies are possible in the United States ranging from a universal basic income to a universal job guarantee, public banking, worker coops, financial transaction tax, and repossession of fossil fuel company resources to fund renewable energy development. Kate Aronoff, Deyanira Del Rio, J.W. Mason, and Darrick Hamilton join In These Times community editor Miles Kampf-Lassin to discuss these and other alternatives to our neoliberal economic system.